Decoding Ballet

An eminent, second-to-none method

DECODING BALLET is a fundamental and radically progressive results-oriented education for Dance Teachers and Dancers (professional and amateur) both of classical and modern dance, based on the “human body’s blueprint” training.

Developed by Vassiliki Kapsidou – Ballet Teacher, Kinesiologist, Neuromechanic and Bio-energetic Fascia Integration Instructor & Specialist, with knowledge resulting from breakthrough scientific discoveries in the Neurology & Bioenergetics, DECODING BALLET, is the unique, targeted and innovative method that:

  • trains the dancers to translate (decode) the dance commands into brain-compatible terms (within the biomechanics / kinesiology / myology context) so that the central neurological system stimulates the proper muscle(s) to execute movement with accuracy and without neuromuscular exertion
  • provides you with a “master-key” through the neuro-fascia matrix training, with a view to achieve a high-level technique, shield the body against injuries, build muscle and joint resilience against the work-out fatigue and obtain a compact and flawless body motor response

Long lasting benefits

Incorporating the DECODING BALLET know-how in the daily teaching and training trivia, comes with multi-level benefits:

  • healthier and more resilient neuromuscular basis
  • full-body neuro-fascia matrix strengthening
  • progress in the execution of demanding techniques
  • body shielding & protection against injuries
  • enhanced body and movement perception & awareness
  • sharpness, plasticity, precision, synchronicity and harmony in movement and expression
  • faster recovery from intense work-outs and / or injuries
  • dance jumps & leaps improvement
  • movement becomes more “fluid” and refined
  • muscles respond more accurately and effectively for longer periods
  • immediate results in performance progress through the brain decoding training

Online videos: choose your scope of work and pace

Addressed to Dance Teachers and Dancers (professionals and students) of both classical and modern dance, the method’s training corpus is divided in such a way so as to respond in above group’s different scope of work.

In the on-line class series (videos)* the DECODING BALLET training education is unfolded gradually giving the opportunity to fully comprehend and apply all the knowledge needed for the dancer’s physical strengthening and technique improvement.

Attendance Certification is provided for the above-mentioned groups upon the fulfillment of the program.

*On-line or in-person seminars are also available provided a minimum number of attendees joins

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Dance Teachers and Dancers: this fundamental and radically progressive results-oriented training is for YOU who struggle to achieve performance perfection in your field. DECODING BALLET education is rooting for a safer, faster and certain path.

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